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The Problem – Securing healthcare for your business is a hassle.

Selecting plans and benefits, going through the underwriting process, ensuring you have minimum participation, working with brokers, handling arising issues, and navigating open enrollment can be overwhelming. As your team expands, the process becomes even more challenging and time-consuming. Your employees are accustomed to modern tools that make understanding, communication, and visibility simple. But when it comes to navigating their health benefits, it’s a clunky outdated experience.

The Savii Solution – allows you to simplify this hassle down to setting your budget and Savii handles the rest!

Savii leverages a combination of industry experts and modern technology to simplify the process of providing your team personalized healthcare. All you need to do is establish a budget, and we handle the rest. Your team utilizes the allocated budget to tailor their healthcare experience, including selecting health insurance, saving for out-of-pocket expenses, and choosing from a range of benefits

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